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“Customers don’t care which team is responsible – they just want it to work!”


Once we have assessed the situation and successfully identified one or more root causes the next step is to take corrective action to improve the situation.

Our team will lead by example to establish agile continuous improvement principles with focus on end-to-end customer value - with special focus on helping struggling teams to achieve rapid and lasting change.

Agile Turnaround

Stabilize struggling scrum team by providing a small team of highly experienced agile athletes

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Depending on the business need we have a variety of other services and skills which may help to improve the situation, although our aim is usually to demonstrate the value of the approach and then give your team the skills and support to make it an in house capability

Crisis Leadership

Immediate “boots on the ground” to help triage and fix crisis situations

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Cover and Recruit

Short term fill for team gap plus assisting with finding permanent replacement

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Operations Check-In

Set up frequent checkpoints between Digital and Operations teams to quickly identify emerging issues

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Fix on the call

Empower service agents to do what it takes to fix an issue on the call up to an agreed financial limit

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Digital Ops Reporting

Direct logging and reporting of key interactions to identify and investigate technical issues

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Epic Requests

Understand and prioritize upcoming work based on clearly defined business needs

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Story Refinement

Structured story refinement and acceptance criteria to reduce bugs and rework

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Usability Testing

Face to face user journey review with actual customers to understand how they are working in real life

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User Acceptance Testing

Create and execute customer centric test scripts to ensure new features are working as expected

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AB Testing

Quickly set up AB testing to determine impact of digital changes

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Digital Strategy

Propose digital approach or ecosystem to meet identified business need

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IT Mini Project

Short duration quick win project to deliver immediate business benefit using prototyping tools

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Customer Modeling

Create financial model to evaluate customer value and determine primary driving metrics

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Product Content

Quick win review of product content to identify and implement areas for improvement

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Model Analysis

Analysis inputs, outputs and business outcomes of business model or algorithm to recommend improvements

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