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Control Alt Deliver

“If your plane is falling out of the sky, first fix the roll *then* fix the dive.”


Once the expertise and additional focus we bring has improved the situation we were asked to support, our focus switches to helping your team build the capability to deal with similar issues in the future.

Skills Training

Targeted best practice training covering 1 or 2 specific skills where team needs help to improve performance 

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In addition to skill specific training, we have several other options to help embed best practices and improved performance within your team

Health Check

Periodic check in  on existing pain points and identify any new ones

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Quarterly Roadmap

Quarterly roadmap review to track progress and prioritize upcoming effort

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Agile Bootcamp

Best practice training on agile principles and most used of our techniques 

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Resource Placement

Providing up to speed permanent resources to ensure problems stay fixed

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Benefit Tracking

Create repeatable analysis / report to show whether benefits are achieved

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Scaled Agile

Set up shared release train to co-ordinate development across multiple teams

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