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Why Choose
Control Alt Deliver?

Fast and effective help GUARANTEED

We aim to deliver fast and effective help with every one of our agile techniques every single time we use it. Your feedback (good or bad) is incredibly important to helping us make that happen, and so hugely appreciated!

Unfortunately things don't always go to plan so if you are ever less than 100% satisfied with one of our deliverables for any reason then please, please let us know your concerns so that we can improve our techniques and processes. 

As long as you let us know your concern before you pay for the product we will remove it from your invoice.

Simple, teachable skills

Our tools do not depend on rocket science technology or secret sauce algorithms.

Instead, we choose and develop our tools to understand and address our customer's challenges based on three simple principles

  1. Does it work?

  2. Can we explain it?

  3. Can we teach it?


The value we bring is in deep understanding of how and when to use these tools to deliver fast and effective help for your business - every time!

Athletes, not coaches

Successful business transformations are evolutionary masterpieces painted with the brushstrokes of a thousand small successes.  

If your field is on fire you don't need someone standing on the margins criticising how you are organizing the bucket line; or starting to poke around looking for ways to convince you that what you really need is a sprinkler system which will take 6 months to install.


What you need is someone who will grab a bucket and start helping, while quickly checking and imparting best practices:

  • "Did someone already call the fire brigade?"

  • "Throw the water at the thing that's burning, not the flames"

  • "DON'T OPEN THAT DOOR!!!!!"  followed by an brief and urgent explanation of flashover


Our team combine deep experience with a bias for action - so while we can't promise that our solutions will be perfect in every situation we do believe that we can provide fast and effective help which will quickly get you back on track.

No "sprinkler systems" agenda 

Once the fire is out we'd certainly suggest working out what caused it and brainstorm ways to avoid it coming back by asking questions like:

  • "How could the fire started?"

  • "How should the existing process have spotted that?"

  • "What can we do differently (or start NOT doing) to do a better job in future"

If you need help running this lessons learned retrospective we'd be happy to help (it's one of our teachable skills) but since we don't sell complex "sprinkler systems" we won't be trying to steer the conversation to some pre-determined outcome

Just because you have a great hammer for sale doesn't mean every problem is a nail

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