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Technical Faults

Director from Feb 2022 to Jan 2023.
Product Owner from June 2022 to Jan 2023.

London (Remote)

Following reorganization, Technical Faults team had lost connection to product vision. We were asked to restore team’s ability to deliver measurable business benefits against a clear roadmap.

  • Led the Digital Change team with focus on products and services related to technical fault estate for broadband, TV, and landline

  • Led Agile Product management, Data Science and Ops team to build the base for Digital Twin and industry-leading digital self-serve products

  • Reprioritized upcoming initiatives to focus on quick win benefits from fixing and optimizing existing technical fault journeys before starting work on new initiatives.

  • Sought out additional tools to evaluate customer experience and mined them for highest priority customer facing issues (e.g,. Content Square, Qualtrics, Community Voice)

  • Demonstrated agile discipline and best practices (e.g., all stories refined before planning, clearly prioritized backlog, no requirement changes mid-sprint, Product owner review of all “done” items)

  • Defined simple “good enough” approaches to resolve team’s biggest technical challenges (e.g., production testing with simulated data, digital operations reporting, email support approach)

  • Reduced team’s front end error rate from 40% of sessions to 5% in 3 months

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