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Mobilize Operations Contract

Consultant at Manchester Metrolink Trams from Feb 2017 to Dec 2018

This is a joint venture partnership of UK public transport operator, Keolis, and infrastructure asset management specialist, Amey.

KeolisAmey (KAM) are the new operators of Greater Manchester’s Metrolink light rail network and will operate and maintain the network – which is now the largest of its kind in the UK – from July 2017. Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) are the owners of the tram network and the contract is between KeolisAmey and TfGM. It will run for up to 10 years and will bring their proven expertise to provide a high-quality, customer-focused service to the 37 million passengers who use the Metrolink system every year.

Kuldeep was part of the core mobilisation team to help KeolisAmey transition into the new role as the operator of Manchester trams. He was involved in.

  • Contribute to asset maintenance strategy by investigating root cause of critical asset failures like Signalling &Telecom, Communication systems etc. by analysing data and liaising with Subject Matter Experts, network engineers, manufacturers etc.

  • Ensure smooth migration of existing Asset Management, Workforce Management, Time-Table management, and Purchase Order management systems,

  • Analyse data from above systems to devise performance improvement baselines as a part of committed obligations to operate the contract.

  • Introduce Change Management to collaborate across SME and network teams prior to any network updates

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