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Merchandise Integration

Technical Lead / Product Owner at Staples Europe from April 2009 to Feb 2010


Acquiring Corporate Express grew sales by 30%, securing Staples position as the world's leading office supplier but creating an extremely complex Multi-Country, Multi-Channel European organization. IT estimated over 2 years to build a merged PIM / EDW. I offered to build an interim analysis system in a few months.

  • Proposed and built one-time business intelligence database to allow pan-European merchandise analysis by merging and validating product master data, sales, purchases and program rates from 28 business units.

  • Worked with Staples Senior Management and consulting partner (BCG) to plan project schedule and scope.

  • Technical lead managing joint team including 5 SQL Developers, 1 QA specialist and 6 data analysts. Iterative design / development cycles with team co-located in 'war-room' to facilitate cross-communication

  • Mapped reference data (Brands, Vendors, Classes) to common hierarchy.

  • Daily issues / bug tracking meeting through test and deploy phases to ensure successful delivery

  • Reviewed ongoing analytical needs with Staples leadership to determine future state architecture and timeline. Follow on project to transformed initial databases into sustainable program with quarterly update.

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