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Intelligent Infrastructure

Senior Business Analyst at Network Rail from Feb 2020 to Dec 2020


Worked as a Business Analyst / Product Owner for Signalling workstream within the Intelligent Infrastructure project team in Network Rail as a part of a consortium.

Intelligent Infrastructure is Network Rail’s digital asset performance management programme, using Machine Learning technology to turn data into intelligent information so the frontline and support teams can work smarter and more safely to deliver improved services for passengers and freight customers.

Ultimately the goal is to reduce expenditure whilst improving infrastructure availability by:

  • Understanding the probability of individual asset failure;

  • Predicting when failure will occur;

  • Forecasting the impact on the operational railway;

  • Planning intervention prior to disruption to train services.

Network Rail has identified approximately £380m of activity that could be delivered as part of the Intelligent Infrastructure Programme, delivering reliability, performance, and operation and capital expenditure savings both in the control period and beyond.

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