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Digital Twin

Business Transformation Consultant at Toshiba Europe from Jan 2021 to Sept 2021


Toshiba's team in Tokyo, Berlin, London and Kawasaki are developing an AI-based cutting edge Digital Twin platform that allows digitising transport networks for operation performance analysis and traffic simulation. It has been used for transport infrastructure systems in Japan. I work with the Product experts from Tokyo and the Subject Matter Expert (Timetable Planning, Software Architect etc) team in the UK in helping assimilate this awesome tech within the UK transport sector.

The platform replicates the infrastructure network across railway, highways, sea and aviation sectors and allows simulating their traffic, maintenance and a variety of scenarios to assess the impact on the network performance and optimise time-tables.

Our focus was to work closely with teams in Tokyo, Kawasaki and SME's from London to enhance the solution design for better performance and automation.

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