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Digital Rapid Testlab

Product Owner / Technical Lead at Virgin Media O2 from April 2021 to June 2022

London (Remote)

Virgin Media O2 was accelerating go to market.  We were asked to set up a digital rapid testlab for proto-typing new commercial propositions with live customers.

  • Defined testing pillar objectives within new “dosed innovation” strategic vision

  • Repurposed existing test user journey to support multiple commercial propositions and user experiences; launched first live user journey in 6 weeks

  • Used retail “KISS” (Keep it simple stupid) product principles to cut through complexity of telecom product assortment and create dynamic content which can easily be configured in different user experiences.

  • Worked with cross-functional business team to define customer selection and order fulfillment processes to ensure testlab orders could be processed

  • Provided multiple rounds of strategic insights, many of which have now been incorporated into Virgin Media O2’s main commercial website

  • Transitioned new capability to internal team after 15 months;  Testlab is now a key step in the Virgin Media O2 commercial launch process.

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