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Error Analysis - Fixing Faults with Contentsquare

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

This is a presentation I gave at the Contentsquare Client Club in January 2023 explaining how we used the ContentSquare error and journey analysis tools to massively reduce front end errors with the Virgin Media O2 Technical Faults journeys

VM O2 Technical Faults Error Analysis_20230125
Download PPTX • 2.17MB

The main take aways were:

  • Historically, most of team’s effort had been spent on bugs and tech debt due to poor visibility into production issues

  • Contentsquare error reporting was the foundation of a broad roadmap to improve journey quality by allowing us to quickly understand journey quality over time

  • The outcome was a rapid reduction in front end errors, along with discovering deeper API and integration issues that the team then worked on fixing

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