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Project Management Office

Program Lead at Staples China from Aug 2010 to June 2011


After my initial contract at Staples China, I suggested several potential follow on projects. I was asked to set up a project management office and use local project managers to deliver multiple projects

  • Reported directly to President, Staples China. Weekly 1-to-1 meetings to review status and discuss strategy

  • Integrated government and commercial selling channels. Brainstormed approach with President and then facilitated 3 day strategy session with senior management. Completed first phase of integration in 3 months.

  • Re-priced 6000 item catalog in 3 days to increase prices of non-sensitive items, improving margin by 1%

  • Customer service empowerment program – piloted and launched in a month.  CSRs now allowed to solve any problem on the phone if impact is 100RMB (~$20) or less

  • Baseline analysis of customer set up and order processing across different business units to understand ‘as-is’ processes so that we could start stabilizing and improving them

  • Set up weekly cross-functional issues review meetings to find and fix concerns at a detailed level.

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